Top Five Wedding Planning Resolutions

by K M

Top Five Wedding Planning Resolutions – For a Blissful Wedding


It’s a new year, which brings with it the usual rush of gym memberships, language-learning tapes, and other squeaky clean resolutions that will be old and rusty by February. Since you’re planning a wedding this year, however, you can direct your resolution-making energy towards making sure that your special occasion goes off without a hitch.


Resolve to Not Become a Bridezilla

No one gets engaged thinking, “I’ll really alienate my friends in the next few months!” And yet, the fate of bridezillahood strikes hundreds of well-meaning women as their nuptials approach. It’s now, in the early stages of your wedding planning, that you can resolve to let the small things slide. Understand that your friends won’t always be able to drop everything and run errands for your wedding. Admit that the baker using the wrong color fondant icing won’t actually ruin your big day.

When you fully accept that, yes, some things are destined to go wrong, and you make your peace with it now, it will make for much smoother sailing later on. You’ll be able to enjoy your wedding day even if a few things aren’t perfect–and you’ll have your best friends by your side to help you.


Resolve to Help Your Guests

You’re inviting your guests because you want them to witness an important moment in your life, so it’s equally important to treat them well in return. Make your wedding as “guest friendly” as possible, and you’re likely to see their gratefulness expressed in the form of extra generosity.

Once you and your partner have decided on the overall form of your wedding (say, a chapel ceremony, a garden reception, and a night of dancing at a club), go through it step by step from a guest’s point of view. Start with your out-of-town guests. How will they leave the airport? Arrange for taxis or friends to pick them up if they’re not renting cars. Will they need hotels? You can reserve large blocks of rooms for lower rates. On the day of the wedding, make sure there are clear directions to the parking area, the ceremony site, and amenities like bathrooms and changing areas. (You might need to post custom signs.) The easier you make your day for your guests, the less stress will end up on your shoulders.


Resolve to Keep Your Budget

The wedding budget is a beast that’s notoriously hard to control. After all, most couples have never thrown a party like this before. How is anyone expected to know how much money it will cost to wine and dine 100 friends? Toss in a wedding gown (which most women have never bought before), an engagement ring (which most men have never bought before), and all the little incidentals (like last-minute rose petals for the flower girl’s basket). It’s no wonder that most couples end up expanding their budget a few times before all’s said and done.

However, there are some things you can do to make sure your wedding doesn’t break you before you’ve even started married life. First, do your research. There are many free budget resources available online to help you calculate your expected wedding cost. Once you have an idea of what to expect, aim low, and keep a large cushion for unexpected costs. Second, limit your guest list. The fewer people you invite, the more you’ll be able to spend per head. Third, set a hard budget limit for each sub-category of your wedding (say, ceremony, reception, food, fashion, and decorations). That way, it’s less tempting to let any category spiral out of control.


Resolve to Stay Healthy

With wedding madness ringing in your ears, it’s all too easy to neglect your personal well-being. But staying up late browsing photos of wedding dresses and binge-snacking during planning parties just doesn’t add up to the radiant bride you hope to be. Resolve to set aside time every day to exercise (not just for brides who have weight loss goals; regular exercise also helps to de-stress). Eat healthy food and drink plenty of water to give yourself clear, smooth skin in your wedding photos. And remember your mental health, too–don’t forget to schedule some “just for you” days when things get hectic.


Resolve to Stand Up for Yourself

It’s an inevitable condition of wedding planning. The second you tell people about your engagement, you’ll hear the suggestions pouring in. Well-meaning family members and friends only want to help, of course; they’re just under the impression that they know a lot more about planning your wedding than you do. If you don’t want the help, remain firm from the beginning. Learn to answer pushy advice with, “That’s a lovely idea. Thank you for sharing it,” and, “That’s not what we arranged, but I do appreciate the suggestion.

Remember, unless someone else is footing the bill for your celebration, you have the final word. The more you take responsibility for making sure your wedding goes the way you want, the less stress you’ll face as you near the big day. Treat all well-meaning busybodies with a gracious smile and let them know how much you look forward to seeing them–at your wedding. Don’t waste time getting bogged down in wedding-planning arguments or drama. The coming year will be an exciting one, so above all else, resolve to enjoy it!

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