How to Keep the Intimacy in a Marriage?

by Jack Kurosaki

Being in a long relationship leaves you a lot of space to understand your partner and his wishes properly. Naturally, that doesn’t mean that doing so is an easy thing to do. Even though you may love the person, there are some things about him or her, you are not fond over. But, this is what makes the relationship so interesting.

There will be many challenges on this road. However, the biggest challenge of them all is how to keep intimacy on the best possible level. We are talking about something that requires both and physical and emotional connection. So, when the intimacy level drops, all sorts of problems will start to appear.

Those who are in long marriages know just how hard keeping this level can be. Therefore, both partners need to invest their best efforts and a lot of time before they can achieve it. Today, we want to provide our readers with a couple of tips on how to keep intimacy as a cornerstone of marriage.

Without further ado, let’s begin.

Know What You Want

Understanding both your and your partner’s needs is the first condition of intimacy. We are talking about a wide array of different aspects. Naturally, we feel that sexual intercourse is the most important one. The reason is quite obvious. Nothing brings a couple more together than healthy intimate relations.

But for them to be able to do that, they need to know each other’s needs. Make sure you understand them. A condition you need to fulfill is to have an honest talk about these things. While it may seem strange that some couples do not have these talks, it is way more common than we tend to believe.

People are often not secure, and they need a little bit of help before they can open themselves to talk about these things. Before you start with these things, we’d recommend you make the atmosphere both sensual and relaxed. People usually become much more sincerer when they are in a relaxed atmosphere.

Demonstrate Your Support


Life is not always easy as we all know. There are times when we are about to experience some hard times before we can feel good again in the future. But standing your ground through these hard times is not something that every person out there can overcome. Naturally, it depends on the nature of the challenge.

If your partner is experiencing some bad times, then you should demonstrate your support and love whenever you get the chance. People who get love and affection from their partners tend to get over all the problems they face. A good example is sharing a kiss when you see your partner after a long day of hard work.

When your loved one is under enormous pressure, make sure to be there and to listen. If asked, be prepared to give some advice that might help the situation. But the most important thing is to be there and to listen. Couples who don’t talk to each other in this way cannot expect their relationship to last too long in the future.

Spice Up Your Love Life

Another thing we want to bring to attention is spicing up your love life. We all need this from time to time to make things slightly more interesting than they usually are. There are numerous ways you can achieve this. Probably the commonest solution people opt for is to use some adult toys to spark their passion.

Even though some people are resisting the idea, we can see that doing so can produce numerous benefits. A clear example of that is using some toys you can share as a part of your intercourse. To spice up the intimacy in your marriage you can also buy a vibrator. To find the best vibrator take a look at Bedbible.

You can also try some sexy lingerie. Adding lingerie to your intimate moments can bring a sense of excitement, seduction, and playfulness that is hard to resist. Whether you’re looking to surprise your partner or boost your own confidence, hot lingerie has the power to transform the atmosphere in the bedroom.

With a wide range of styles, colors, and materials available, you can find lingerie that perfectly matches your personality and desired mood. From delicate lace to daring leather, there’s something for everyone’s taste. The sheer elegance of a babydoll, the allure of a corset, or the sensuality of a teddy can awaken your inner desires and create a captivating visual experience.

Lingerie is not just about appearance; it can also enhance the physical connection between partners. The feel of satin against the skin or the anticipation of revealing a hidden surprise can heighten the pleasure and intensify the intimacy. By incorporating lingerie into your love life, you can create unforgettable moments of passion and ignite a spark that will keep the flame burning.

Romantic Approach


Many women say that romance is something that dies out slowly but surely. Still, we can see that it is still present. Many couples treat each other this way. We are talking about those little things, like hugging, cuddling, and kissing. These small moments can mean the world sometimes, especially in times of need.

But this is not the only sort of romance we want to talk about. Instead, we are talking about a much broader term. Try to find some activities both of you enjoy. For instance, try riding a motorcycle together, going on long walks, watching movies together, and frequently visiting restaurants both of you enjoy.

By doing so, you will not only increase the level of understanding of each other, but you will be able to understand how you both feel without even talking directly about that. These small moments might not seem crucial to many, but we assure you, that small things are a key element that keeps the marriage together.

Go on a Date

One of the biggest mistakes couples make is that they do not behave as they did at the beginning of their relationship. They do not go out together as they used to. So, when you get bored with the current situation, it is always a good option to take your loved one and go on a date. That would spark some beautiful memories and create some new ones.

Commit enough time to be in a place where you can commit to each other completely, without any disturbances. We know, it is not easy to do that since we live in a busy time. But it is certainly not impossible, especially when you are determined to show your loved one the affection and attention he or she deserves.

In Conclusion


Everyone will tell you that is it hard to keep the intimacy levels on a proper level as time goes on. Couples tend to get used to each other and not make any further movements towards engaging on a different level. It is one of the commonest mistakes people make in life, and they almost always regret it. Here, we’ve provided you with several tips on how to keep intimacy in your marriage as high as possible.

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