The Best Wedding Music Of The Year In 2024

by Jack Kurosaki

As the year comes to a close, we at Professional Wedding DJ (wedding DJ for destination weddings in Italy) have always wanted to share some of our musical ideas and reflections with you.

There were a lot of weddings in 2024 since so many were postponed from 2020 and 2024 because to the Covid crisis. So, first and foremost, we appreciate our partners in marriage.

From our unique vantage point, these are the songs that have been requested most often at wedding celebrations featuring ProfessionalWeddingDJ.


In particular, we have paid close attention to the suggestions that are most suited to accompanying, enriching, the major moments of the wedding celebration, which, traditionally, are the cutting of the cake and the first dance of the bride and groom.

Songs For The First Dance And For The Cutting Of The Cake

We highlight the work of two musicians who have recently made comebacks to the music industry at these crucial junctures. Here we go with Harry Styles and his lovely love ballad “Late Night Talking,” which has a special rhythm.

Lady Gaga, who sang for the soundtrack of the year’s most successful film, “Top Gun: Maverick,” is the other artist to make a triumphant comeback and leave her imprint. We’ll choose “Hold My Hand” as our case study since it will resonate most strongly with lovebirds.


Michael Bublé’s “I’ll Never Not Love You,” from 2024’s Higher (his eleventh studio album), is a typical romantic love ballad sung by the Canadian vocalist. The video stars Bublé and his girlfriend Luisana Lopilato as they recreate iconic love moments from films like Love Actually and Casablanca.  A lot of Bublé songs are also very appreciated to accompany the aperitif time: in the international weddings in Italy we play for, it happens very often that we are asked.

After a three-year break from music, Maggie Rogers returned with a beautiful ballad (“That’s Where I Am”) that was well worth the wait.

No, I’ll never find another, no one else can do it better / When we’re together, it feels like paradise / You’re the only one I ever wanted / All I ever truly wanted was you.

Moving on to some Italian songs, namely “O forse sei tu” by Elisa (a singer who became renowned in Italy for her heartbreaking ballads).

Top Dance Music For 2024 Wedding Parties

Though the “key moments” of the wedding are when everyone is supposed to be paying the most attention to the music, the wedding’s soundtrack should be flawless from the aperitif to the favors so that everyone has a nice time.

First, let’s discuss an artist that has been given a special position at weddings for a long time now: Beyoncé. The Houston singer, who has often accompanied the bouquet throw with “Single ladies,” really shined this year with “Break my soul,” a rhythmic composition, suited to be played before the craziest phases of the celebration, which can be found on the Renaissance album. Songs like “About Damn Time” and “2 Be Loved (Am I Ready)” by Lizzo are perfect for this scenario as well. The name Calvin Harris doesn’t even come up.


In 2024, he didn’t release the conventional dance song, but he did collaborate with Halsey, Justin Timberlake, and Pharrell to create “Stay with me,” which is excellent and danceable while not being a floor filler because of its funky ideas and 70s touch.

What about the Maneskins? A mention of Supermodel is required, since the most well-known Italian band in the world has produced an enormous smash.

A Wedding Ceremony With Dance And Revival Music?

Finally, let’s examine the most enticing music that got us all up and moving throughout the year 2024. (many songs, however, came out at the turn of the summer).

Black Eyed Peas’ “Don’t You Worry,” which sounds like the old smash (“I gotta feeling”), and Anitta El Alfa’s “Simply the greatest” are required listening to kick off this segment.

Who else of note has had a dance hit in 2024? Take the Meduza as an example. The three Italian manufacturers are household names all over the globe. The group has had success in the past with songs like “Piece of Your Heart” (their first hit of 2019) and “Tell It to My Heart,” as well as their latest single, “Bad Memories.”


After having success with songs like “Hypnotized,” “Fireworks,” and “Dopamine” in the past, the Purple Disco Machine, a perennial mainstay on this list, lounched (with Sophie and the Giants) a new single titled “In The Dark” this past year. Gimme Gimme ft. Bleech (cover of the classic Abba album) and “People,” by Kungs, are two songs by the German DJ that never fail to get people of all ages on their feet and moving to the music.

Still, albums from the ’70s and ’80s frequently prove decisive, and they are crucial to the success of a bridal celebration. Some of the most enduring cultural “institutions” of all time are Madonna, the Chic, Michael Jackson, Donna Summer, Santa Esmeralda, and BoneyM.

I’m Good (Blue) by David Guetta & Bebe Rexha is a reworking of a 1998 song by Eiffel 65 that was, and still is, a cornerstone of the “90s dance” period and our DJ set. Eiffel 65 was an italian dance group, very famous all over the world.

Among the year’s many surprises are James Hype’s “Ferrari,” which instantly revives the club vibe, and Raffa Fl’s “Ritmo,” which appeals to fans of Latin rhythms.

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