Canadian Diamond Engagement Rings Fads: From Timeless to Trendy

by K M

They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend, and like a girl’s best friend, diamonds are cherished, precious, and one-of-kind — especially when said diamond comes in the form of an engagement ring. Your ring symbolizes your eternal commitment, and as such, should reflect your unique personality, individual style, and your relationship with your fiancĂ©. After all, you will be wearing it for the rest of your happily married life!

So whether you’re a fun-loving wild woman who would rather go barefoot than be caught in a suit, or a classic beauty who respects elegance and tradition, there is a ring out there that will fit you to a tee. We’ve dug around, shopped around, and talked to experts to uncover today’s hottest trends to help you find the style that fits you and your love like a glove.



Everything always comes full circle in fashion, from bell-bottoms to pedal pushers. The same is true when it comes to today’s most-coveted engagement ring styles. Vintage and antique-looking rings are hot hot hot — and for good reason. Vintage styles have an element of romanticism about them, hearkening back to eras past and pure. They also have a timeless and eternal quality. And while you don’t have to wear your great grandmother’s engagement ring to take advantage of this trend, you can take cues from her ring.

Platinum and white gold settings with lots of handworks or with delicate micro pave diamonds set into the band, are among today’s most requested rings. Understated styles with lower, quieter settings are de rigueur, while flashy in-your-face rings have moved to the back burner.



While white diamonds are, and probably always will be, the stone of choice, colors are challenging the status quo. That (now-infamous) pink ring Jenny from the Block used to flash has caused many a bride-to-be to contemplate how that might translate into her lifestyle. A real pink diamond is extremely rare and can cost anywhere from $100,000 to well into the millions, but pink sapphires are affordable — and beautiful — starting at an easy-to-swallow $500 and extending into the $5000 range.

Many brides are also requesting yellow diamonds these days. Less rare than pink diamonds, but more unusual than white, fancy yellow diamonds are still very attainable. What’s big? Classic three-stone engagement rings with yellow in the center and white on the sides. One bride we know was proposed to spontaneously in Hawaii with a makeshift plumeria flower ring. Like a plumeria, she wanted a ring with yellow in the center and white on the outside, and that’s just what she got.



When it comes to cuts, round stones still reign supreme, but that doesn’t mean other shapes aren’t on the rise. Heart-shaped centers are romantic, with an innocent quality. Back in style again are cushion cuts. Square princess and radiant cuts are in demand, as are the ever-popular three-stone rings.


New trends in stones and settings aren’t the only hot topic in engagement rings — a diamond’s origin is also making news. What’s causing the buzz? Canadian diamonds! Straight from the Canadian arctic, where our neighbors to the north are mining some of the prettiest and most valuable diamonds found anywhere in the world, and many brides and grooms are requesting them.

More than ever, brides-to-be are craving and opting for individuality and personalization, making trends their own. So while unearthing trends is fun, the most important thing to remember when shopping for the ring of a lifetime is that this is a symbol of your love and commitment to one another. Be sure to find an engagement ring that fits your aesthetic, personal, and financial desires. And, be certain to use a trusted jeweler with an established reputation when making this major investment. Once you do, you’ll be (almost) as happy as you will be on your wedding day. Happy hunting!

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