Top Trendy Gifts for the Groom

by Maki Sharda

Gifts for the groom are typically either sentimental or useful. Sentimental presents are usually tokens that signify or commemorate your wedding or relationship. The functional gifts, in contrast, are something your groom-to-be can regularly use after your wedding day.

While your options have already been streamlined, choosing the best gift can still be confusing. You want to ensure that the groom’s wedding gift will make him feel special and make his wedding day more memorable.

To help you find the perfect gift for your husband-to-be, we’ve rounded up various trendy gifts that you might like.

Decanter Set


Here’s an interesting fact. Aside from using a decanter set for your celebratory toast during your wedding, the glasses in the set can interestingly serve as makeup bells in your married life. This tradition is very popular in Ireland. Either the bride or groom can ring the glasses to end an argument.

To make the set more memorable, consider making it more personalized. You can have your new last name or wedding date printed on each glassware. They can be perfect for special occasions, such as Christmas and wedding anniversaries, when a wave of nostalgia tends to sweep over us. Plus, the set is a gift your groom can enjoy for years!

A decanted set is always a good choice if you want something more traditional. Choosing a decanter set has always been an appreciated wedding gift during a Couples’ Gift Exchange event (either the night before or after the wedding ceremony), According to the website



While it’s another traditional wedding gift for men, the groom will find timepieces meaningful and special. Watches are among the only gifts that can be worn regularly, so gifting them to your other half is one way of telling him you’ll always be by his side.

Consider his style and preference when picking a watch. You can have the watch case engraved with your name, wedding date, or anything you want that can serve as a subtle reminder of your wedding. To make it even more memorable, start ticking it on your wedding ceremony to mark the beginning of your life as husband and wife.



If your soon-to-be husband is a budding professional, leather briefcases, slings bags, or backpacks that look formal can be a practical gift for him. Choose something compact, handy to use, and easy to carry around while he travels from meeting to meeting. Make sure it has padded compartments so his valuables, like laptops, are protected while on the go. Lastly, pick something more stylish if you know he needs assistance in the fashion department.

If he’s more into traveling, a gorgeous duffle bag is great too. You want something that can last your groom during your honeymoon and beyond. Ensure it has room for everything from the on-the-go shaving kit to his clothes. It’s best to choose something adjustable and removable for more styles and variations.



Another very traditional groom gift is wine, especially if your groom is a wine enthusiast. When gifting it, it’s always a thoughtful action to know your other half’s favored dishes. Doing so will ensure he’ll enjoy the wine even more.

Further, consider gifting the bottle of wine with a personalized label. It can offer a unique way of reflecting your soon-to-be husband’s values and tastes. However, if you’re uncertain about your groom’s taste (don’t worry, you’re not alone), the safest choices are vintage wines. Remember that the older the wines, the tastier they’ll be.

You may choose between classic crowd favorites, such as Chardonnay, Riesling, Pinot Gris, or Sauvignon Blanc. They can be quite costly, but it’s the quality that matters the most here, which is the exact thing you’re looking for as your groom’s gift.

Custom-Made Suit and Tie


Suit and tie are classic wedding gifts and centerpieces in your soon-to-be husband’s fashion. As vital styling elements, they’re not typically easy to keep on the trend, especially when it comes to their prints and shapes, so it’s best to sit back and leave it to the professionals’ hands.

It’s a once-in-a-lifetime gift, so be sure to choose a brand that offers bespoke services from designing to offering fitting sessions to a custom-made suit that perfectly matches his style and frame. If you want to go the extra mile, let him enjoy grooming products, tie pins, and many more products along with the suit. Although it’ll not be coming for you, your man will surely love this attention from these exclusive accessories some labels aggregate.

Reel Viewer


If you’re looking for something affordable yet with a touch of sentimental value, a personalized reel viewer can be a fantastic wedding gift idea for your groom. It can remind you of all the cherished moments that led to your wedding day.

You can make your collector reel filled with favorite snapshots of your groom, starting from the time you first started dating all the way through the present. However, if this sounds like a lot of work, you can ask for a company specializing in this.

Just simply send all your most memorable snapshots with your fiancé to them. Then, they’ll send you a made-to-order reel viewer. Other companies even offer coupons you can use to make another one later on, for example, on your anniversary or father’s day.

Personalized Pins


Another inexpensive yet memorable gift you can give your man is a groom’s custom-made pin. It can be designed with his name, favorites, or other personalized stylish things that are his cup of tea. Plus, they’re durable and can serve as a souvenir to remind him of one of the happiest moments of his life. Apart from wedding ceremonies, it’s always worn by men for some meaningful and important events.

Final Thoughts

Nailing the perfect gift for your groom can be tricky. You have to figure out something he’ll love and ensure it’s unique and memorable. But if you’re having a hard time or getting anxious about your gift, always remember that it’s the thought that counts.

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