Flowers and months. From January to December

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What is the flower of the month of

What is the flower of the month of

Flowers Associated With The Months Of The Year


What is the flower of the month for January?

The first month of the year, January is represented by the Carnation. According to the Christian legend, when Jesus Christ carried the cross to Golgotha for all of our sins, this flower appeared behind him on the ground.

Carnation Flower – More legends:

  • In the Netherlands, white carnations are worn to remember veterans and the country’s resistance to World War II.
  • In France, purple carnations are the traditional funeral flower.
  • In some countries, red carnations are worn on May Day to symbolize socialism and the labor movement.


What is the flower of the month for February?

The flower of February is Iris. Iris was often the symbol or decoration of many medieval knights and nobles, but especially the French aristocrats. It often symbolized valor of a knight, friendship or wisdom. The most popular color of the Iris flower is blue. The Blue Iris Flower  symbolize the hope and faith.

Iris Flower – Other Colors&Meanings

  • Purple – The traditional meaning of purple Iris Flower is royalty, but that isn’t its only meaning.
  • Yellow – Yellow Iris Flower symbolize passion.
  • White – White Iris Flower expresses purity and innocence.

Ideas to Choose Iris Wedding Bouquet for Your Wedding


What is the flower of the month for March?

Daffodil is the flower of March. This flower is sometimes also called Narcissus. In most cultures it is a herald of a better times to come. For instance, in Chinese culture, if it blooms for New year’s eve it means that year will be good.

What is so special at the Daffodil flower?

  • Bunch of daffodils offered as a gift ensures happiness and represents good fortune, while a single one daffodil predicts bad luck.
  • Daffodils are symbol of hope today.
  • Daffodils can survive more than two years in the wild ( It is a perennial plant )


What is the flower of the month for April?

The symbol of April is Daisy. This delicate flower is the symbol of innocence and also loyalty in love. Because of this, Daisies are often depicted in meadows in Medieval paintings Other general-accepted symbolizations:

  • Purity – also shown by daisies that are as white as possible.
  • True love – because each daisy flower is really two flowers blended together in harmony.


Choose Daisy Wedding Bouquet for Your Wedding


What is the flower of the month for May?

The white lily is the flower of May and this flower represents things like purity, majesty and virginity. The most known symobolization of this beautiful flower is the rejuvenation of the soul.

Easter Lily: Lily flower types for Easter Weddings


What is the flower of the month for June?

Representing the month of June is the flower that has been the object of songs and poems more than any other. The Rose. We usually think of a red rose, but there are many different colors of roses and each color has its meaning ( read here about the blue rose ). A red rose symbolizes passion.


What is the flower of the month for July?

Delphinium got its name from the word Delphi’s because it looks a bit like a nose of a dolphin. It is a symbol of open heart and a flower attached to the month of July.

Other names:

  • Lark’s heel by Shakespeare
  • Lark’s claw
  • Knight’s spur


What is the flower of the month for August?

August is the month of Gladioli. This flower derives its name from the name of the Roman sword gladius and is often called sword lily. It represents sincerity and honesty. Most species of this flower are native to the tropic regions of south Africa and some originate from the Mediterranean.


What is the flower of the month for September?

Aster, the flower whose name means star on ancient Greek, is the flower of September. Aster usually symbolizes love. This lush textured flower has long been considered enchanted. It was even believed that a perfume made from the leaves of Aster can drive evil spirits away.


What is the flower of the month for October?

Marigold is another flower that has a high place in Christian religion and culture. Often called Mary’s gold in honor of the virgin Mary, mother of Jesus Christ. In other cultures, however it has a completely negative connotation and represents jealousy and cruelty. This is the flower of October.


What is the flower of the month for November?

Chrysanthemum can be found in many different colors and each color has its own meaning but most of are those of happiness and optimism. Chrysanthemum is the flower of November. Its original color is golden (chrys). To Confucius this flower is a perfect object of meditation.


What is the flower of the month for December?

And finally, December. The last month of the year, which by itself has an important meaning in most cultures is represented by the Poinsettia which is also known as the Christmas Star. This flower grows only in Central and South America and is a symbol of merriment.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]

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