Neon Weddings: Brighten Up Creatively!

by K M

Neon Weddings: Brighten Up!

Neon Weddings: Brighten Up Creatively!

Neon Weddings: Brighten Up Creatively!

When you think of neon weddings, do you think of a tacky flickering sign outside a Vegas chapel? Think again. Neon colors are making a comeback and brides nationwide are finding ways to make this funky color palate their own.

Playful can be classy. When in doubt, don’t go overboard with your neon color scheme, but use it as a vivid accent to an otherwise all-white (or black-and-white) color palette to allow each color its own bright impact without stepping on the toes of its neighbors. Since neon is already so striking, it’s tough to combine too many more elements like texture, shapes, or other colors. Instead, keep things simple and your bright colors won’t steal the limelight.


Neon Wedding Colors

Consider rimming shapes in neon colors, such as bright borders around invitations. Neon borders also look great around the hem of suits and dresses, or around windows and doorways. If you don’t have permission to alter your venue, ask about bringing in some portable wooden arches with painted neon-color trim to accent the building’s architecture.

Neon-colored artist’s tape can be used for a quick faux trim around table and wall edges or can be stretched over custom backdrops. Minimal, brightly colored neon lines can make your space pop and look ultra-modern. Think twice before using neon table settings, though. Brightly colored plates can make the food look bland in comparison, so save the neon colors for brightly colored desserts like fruit tarts or key lime pie.

Small areas of solid neon colors make a great splash. Try pairing a traditional white bridal gown with hot pink or electric blue high heels, or a formal black suit with a neon green tie. Neon ribbon makes a fun addition to the hems of gowns, and neon cords make decorative lacing stand out. For more subtle flair, you can ask your seamstress to use neon-colored thread for just a bit of contrast.


DIY Friendly

Neon weddings can by DIY-friendly, too. For the crafty couple, EL wire might be the answer. This glowing wire really shines at nighttime weddings. Since it’s reusable, EL wire is a more sustainable option than disposable glow sticks, and it’s also infinitely more customizable. Glowing in almost any neon color you can imagine, EL wire can be twisted around anything and into any form you like.

Wind it into your bouquet or sew it into the lining of your veil. It runs on batteries, so it’s easily portable; just disguise the battery packs by incorporating them into decorations or accessories. Not so crafty? EL wire forms can be bought pre-made, too.


Plasti Dip Colors

Synthetic coatings like Plasti Dip can be an easy bonus for DIY brides and grooms planning their neon wedding. One easy dip and any object can acquire a shockingly bright hue. You can customize anything from the bases of goblets to napkin rings, or you can dip the tips of shoe heels so all your bridesmaids have matching accents.

Are you envisioning a neon bouquet? Go natural with an all-white bouquet (roses, lilies, and orchids make excellent additions) and tie it with a bright neon ribbon. Or go wild and dye your blooms neon colors; ask your florist which floral options will take neon dye most easily and what flower options exist for your season and budget.

Do you dare attempt neon hair? For brides with an abundance of punk-rock attitude, it only seems fair to go all the way with the neon theme. Bright green, pink, yellow, orange, or electric blue looks dazzling on an entire head of hair, but can also be used sparingly in streaks around your face. Even if you can dye the back of your head ten colors in your sleep, however, your wedding day is not a time to take chances. Consider going to a salon to ensure your color looks flawless in your wedding photos.

Not ready to say “I do” to lime-green hair just yet? If you’re worried about giving your grandmother a heart attack, you can still rock neon hair accents with clip-in strands of artificial hair (these look best when combined with small fascinators, veils, or other embellishments that hide the clip) or all-out neon wigs. If you use artificial hair, however, stay away from the post-Halloween grocery market sale and get it done at a real salon. When you’re rocking an unconventional look, it’s worth the money to make sure you do it flawlessly.


Neon and Music

Can music be neon? Possibly not, but you can make a good go of it by embracing 80s dance anthems. It will get your guests up and showing their stuff on the dance floor, and keep folks reminiscing about an era when neon high-tops and side-scrunchies were the costume de rigueur.

Think outside the ceremony and reception. A set of neon paint pens can make a difference when signing thank-you cards. A few neon stamp pads in different hues can add personality to invitations and place settings when paired with custom wedding stamps. You can also give out neon highlighter markers with your names and wedding date printed on them as party favors. Your friends will wax nostalgic over your wedding every time they use the cheery colors to highlight an otherwise-boring document.

Neon colors are displayed to their best advantage with light, so choose translucent materials to show off your unusual color palate. No, this doesn’t mean commissioning a see-through wedding dress. You can drape gauzy neon-colored fabrics across windows and lights (tulle looks great in multicolor layers, as long as you stick to one section of the color wheel).

Before you order save-the-dates and invitations, ask about non-traditional paper options such as printing black on neon-colored clear plastic. Neon colors positively glow when they’re placed in front of bright windows, so consider replacing traditional metal fixtures (such as the wedding cake stand) with brightly colored glass or plastic.

Don’t be afraid of brightening your venue with neon-colored uplighting. Even for daytime weddings, uplighting can make a difference in the atmosphere of a venue. Plain white walls look fantastic with splashes of color spaced evenly throughout the room. Alternate warm and cool tones for a pleasing result.

The most flamboyant decoration available for neon weddings should be obvious: neon signs! For the couple who has their heart set on a one-of-a-kind embellishment for their reception, professional-quality neon signs can be custom-designed by anyone. Signage companies offer this service for anywhere from two hundred to five hundred dollars for an average sign, with the price increases for size and complexity. If you can sketch design, you can soon have it glowing in front of you. That’s one way to assure arriving guests that they’ve come to the right place.

No matter how you choose to incorporate your neon color palette, rest assured that your wedding will stand out in your guests’ minds. Plus, everyone will be sure to tell you that you really have “that glow.

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