Victorian Wedding Dresses

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Victorian Wedding Dresses For The Modern Bride, Wedding Dresses From A Bygone Era!


Victorian wedding dresses for the Modern Bride

Victorian Wedding Dress

Victorian Wedding Dress

Every little girl dreams of her wedding where she will be standing arm in arm with the perfect man while wearing her perfect dress. Many women spend all their lives planning for their big day and if there is one thing that they cannot compromise, it is the wedding dress. While some women want to go as modern as they possibly can, others prefer to be a little classic by way of choosing to wear a Victorian wedding dress.

Victorian wedding gowns are among the most intricate and layered ensembles of all time. They are designed to make brides look regal as well as cultured on the most important day of their lives because the women from this era were deemed pure and immaculate.


Detailed Inspiration

Victorian Wedding Dress Lace Details

Victorian Wedding Dress Lace Details

There are so many inspirations for victorian dresses and most of them can be easily found online. There are websites that have designs that will help you decide as to what kind of dress you want and how grand you want it to be.

One of the things that you have to remember about victorian wedding gowns is that women wore them during a very different time.

This means that while you want to appear classic on your wedding day, you will not want to overdo it to the point that you look almost old fashion and dull.

In order to make sure that you will look your best on your big day, there are certain adjustments that should be made in regards to the overall design of the dress. You can still pull off the Victorian look without being over-indulgent.

There has to be at least a little hint of modern touch on your dress just to keep the illusion both stunning and believable. Contrary to what you might be thinking, victorian dresses can be worn without the rib-crushing corset underneath. The point is to make you comfortable on your wedding day and this would be impossible if you will be forced to have a 16-inch waist.

If you flip through sketches of victorian wedding dresses by some of the up and coming wedding designers, you will see that the theme is actually brought to life even without the uncomfortable distortion of the woman’s body. The dresses can be identified as authentic Victorian because of the cut and the layers of fabric that just flows.

Eccentric Look

Another great thing about victorian wedding dresses in a modern-day wedding is that they can meet expectations without looking eccentric. You do not necessarily have to wear a white dress to pull off the Victorian look. You have the liberty to experiment and explore with colors, which is quite rare for most brides.

You can do so much with a Victorian-themed wedding dress. There is no need to be bound by the dictates of high fashion and conformity. You can be the blushing bride that you are, walking down the aisle with your fabulous gown that is everything you want it to be.

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